How To Play PSP Games On Your Android Using PPSSPP Emulator

Some people might have known that you can play PSP games on your
Android phone but some might not know, i decided to write on how you can
play the game on your phone and am going to share some links for you to
be able to download some ROM for any type of game you like and download
it to your phone.

Although for you to be able to run this game on your phone doesn’t
require any rooting so you don’t need to panic may be you’re gonna be
rooted before it works. :p

How To Install The PPSSPP?

> Firstly download the App from Google Play Store here.

> After installing, That’s all.

Click below banner for quick download

Download now (quick server)

> Then Download your ROM/Games From RomHuster or anyother site you prefer, you can Google search for that, but i shared you the one i found interesting.

How To Configure The PPSSPP To Work On All Devices?

> Here is the settings that will make atleast any game run faster and well okay on your Android device or any other type.

Note:- The link above is the free version, if you like the emulator you can purchase the Gold Version from Google Playstore.

So if you’ve any question you can let me know using the comment box.

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