How To Create Bootable Kali Linux Using USB With Win32disk On Windows

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Have you ever looked for a way on How To Create Bootable Kali Linux
Using USB With Win32disk On Windows but couldn’t find it? Then i usually
install Kali Linux to my PC with Virtualmachine then later on i decided
to install it on my PC and i tried looking for a way on How to extract
it to my USB i tried other softwares but couldn’t do the work for me.
Then later on i came across this Win32disk which is very fast and
recommendable for you guys to use whenever you want to create bootable
Kali Linux to your PC.

Steps On Creating Bootable Kali Linux Using USB Flash With Win32disk

– Firstly download the Win32disk Imager Here.

– After downloading, then Extract it to anywhere you can locate it, You can extract to Desktop.

– Make sure you insert your USB flash drive to your PC


– Then Open The folder Wind32disk, Then you will see Win32diskImager open it.

– Then you will see your USB flash drive.

– Then Select That Folder ICON,. And click On Disk Images Where it
will display all the extension/format which your Kali Linux is

– After seletcting it, then Click On WRITE.

– Then wait for it to be successful, That’s all

If You’ve any question, you can make use of the comment form.

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