wapego.com server is down

4 years ago prayertitus 0

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Today, September 30 marked exactly a month + 2days since xtgem went offline.

the powerful xtgem went offline since august 28 2017 but I Belive they will be back soon.

Another great wap builder called wapego went offline since September 29 this year which I Hope that they will be online again in few days.

The main reason I created this post is to ask you why do you love wapbuilder so much? which i will like you to respond via comment below

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wap and blog buiders that shut down last year (2016) and this year

1. mywapblog.com
2. wapka (still online but with plenty bugs)
3. wapblast.com
4. blogmr.com
5. wapmr.com
6. xtgon.com
7. netxid.com
8. wapact.com
9. xtgem (hoping to come back)

10. wapego.com (hoping to come back)

Before I Conclude, Never you use wap or blog builder own by an indivial (especialy whose identity known) always go for the ones own by company like blogger.com (since 1999), wordpress (2004), joomla, wix, weebly e.t.c try them. tanks for reading.

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