Wapact.com shuts down! See Alternatives

4 years ago prayertitus 0

Wapact Finaly went offline this week… the gre*d and sensel*ss owner called OH Pavel now redirected wapact to his video site (ohpave.com) but I Dnt have time to rain curse on him. you can do that in comment section.

here in this post, I will share you list of wapbuilders using same script as wapact.

Am going to list them according to their trustwothiness
1. wapkuz.com
2. wapkiz.com
3. wapzam.com
4. ewap.mobi

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Other trusted wapsite builders:
5. wapka.com
6. wapego.com
7. xtgem.com

Free Trusted blog builders
8. blogspot.com
9. wordpress
10. joomla.com
11. nettmi.com
13. wix.com
14. blogponsel.net
15. wapblog.me
16. nextwapblog.com
17. netxid.com

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