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About Zayne / Taylor Swift (biography) Net worth

Spread the love About Zayne / Taylor Swift (biography) Net worth Musician's Biography Musician's Net Worth uncategorized  Taylor Swift   It’s a common practice for big-name musicians to come together and work on a project. Recently, Zayne Malik and Taylor Swift collaborated, each bringing in their “flavor” and melding it together to create something that is more than the sum of its parts.
Just in case you have been living in a cave for the last decade, Taylor Swift is an America singer-songwriter, while Zayne is a British singer-songwriter. Both of these artists have achieved a high degree of success in their own respective careers.
The Zayne and Taylor Swiftcollaboration were all geared towards creating an original soundtrack of the for the “Fifty Shades Darker” film wich debuted in 2017. It’s no wonder that the music they created was also entitled ” I Don’t Wanna Live Forever(Fifty Shades Darker).” However, for most people, they simply know it under the title of “I Don’t Wanna Live Forever.”
According to sources, Taylor Swift poured in a lot of effort in writing the song. Of course, Jack Antonoff and Sam Dew also helped her in this department. The song was officially produced by Antonoff. The single was first released on December 9, 2016, under Universal Music Group. The official music video came soon after the initial song release, which was on June 27, 2017. I “Don’t Wanna Live Forever” is officially categorized under the electro-R&B genre.
If you listened to the lyrics carefully and seen the music video, it’s hard to miss that fact that the song was based on the different situations that were portrayed on the “Fifty Shades Darker” film. Also, within the song, Zack And Taylor Swift traded “Romantic Overtures.” The part in which Zayne sings in falsetto while Swift contemplates the true meaning of the relationship is an example of this.
The Zayne and Taylor Swift collaboration was received well by critics. Entertainment Weekly rated it as a B+. A lot of critics claimed that the collaboration was a sneak peak to Taylor Swift’s sexy side, while Zayne’s performance may be the best one yet to date

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