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How to Upload Via URL to Google Drive

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Few days ago, I Posted on How to host / upload musics, videos, apps e.t.c to using google drive. but today, we gonna be talking on How to Upload to Google Drive from URL

Why need to upload to Google Drive from URL?

If you share a file in Google Drive, users will be0taken to a Google page where they have to download the file first. In addition, they may encounter cases where the server speeds are quite slow and need to
download from a faster server. In all above cases the problem can be solved by MultCloud to upload to Google Drive from URL, so that users can access the content without switching to Google Drive. Not only this but MultCloud supports to integrate
multiple cloud storage drives, for example, link Evernote to Google Drive. In this way, you can easily sync, transfer, rename, delete, copy files among cloud drives.Once you have installed the Chrome extension, you just right-click the link you want to save and from the context-menu, choose the “Save Link to Google Drive” option. It’s convenient to save link to Google Drive with “ Save to Google Drive”, however, it’s not an option of directly uploading any stuff to Google Drive because it’s
only for the pages.

How to upload to Google Drive from URL?

MultCloud is a free and web based multi-cloud manager, supporting Google Drive, Evernote, Dropbox, Box, Amazon Drive, Amazon S3, OneDrive, WebDav,
SugarSyncm FTP/SFTP, Copy, CloudMe, Cubby, MyDrive, Yandex, HiDrive, BaiDu, MediaFire, Owncloud, Alfresco,
ADrive, Flickr, hubiC, My SQL, and MEGA. Here, we’ll show you how to upload files to Google Drive from
URL.Step 1: Visit MultCloud: Create a free account or “experience without signing up” How to Upload Via URL to Google Drive technology uncategorized  Web google   Sign upStep 2: In next Window, click “Add Cloud Drives” to add your Google Drive and click “Next” to How to Upload Via URL to Google Drive technology uncategorized  Web google   Add Cloud DriveAuthorize your Google Drive account by clicking the “Add Google Drive Account” button. Follow the instructions to grant MultCloud access to the account you are connecting to. How to Upload Via URL to Google Drive technology uncategorized  Web google   Authorize AccountStep 3: After you add Google Drive account, you can choose “ Google Drive” on the left drive list. Click “Upload” and in the pop-out window click “Upload URL” How to Upload Via URL to Google Drive technology uncategorized  Web google   Upload URLStep4: In next window, click “Add URL” to paste the file link you want to upload and name it. Then click “OK”. How to Upload Via URL to Google Drive technology uncategorized  Web google   Add URLThe process to upload file from URL to Google Drive can be finished within a second, and then you can continue to upload from URL to Google How to Upload Via URL to Google Drive technology uncategorized  Web google   Result ViewWhat’s more, MultCloud now has a Google Chrome app. If you are a user of Google Chrome browser, we
highly suggest you install this extension: How to use it please visit here.*Update: A good news is that MultCloud added Cloud Sync service now. There are 8 sync ways in all.

Besides Clouds mentioned above, MultCloud can support

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Updated: February 3, 2018 — 3:06 am

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