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Opera Mini Mod 4.2 Final version has been released just
after first RTM version and long Test Series. Opera Mini
Mod is a series of modded version of original Opera
Mini with advanced new features like:
Download Manager
File Manager
Copy-Paste feature
Multi-Tab browsing
Customizable Shortcuts
Import/Export bookmarks
Color Skin Maker
Brightens controlling
And many other advanced features in single package.
Notification for errors occured while opening the page.
In the Picture submenu added some items for opening
a new background window
Customizable alerts for the network error
Spoofing servers in download manager.
When you open links in new background window, or if
the links go there, it is determined by reference to the
Added icons for settings and auto-update for all links
from a page.
Changes the highlight color in direct input.
When you save the page, the existing file with the
same name is overwritten. Bug Fixes:
Edit Export / import settings.
Optimized for Siemens
Edit Restriction downloads over time.
Selecting a bookmark for the express panel, the
transition in the parent directory is not using
“[Back moves up the folder.”
Exception handling commands. Stop prolonged opening
of the file list.
The description is different in another forums. I
simplified it a little.
Increase Your browsing speed of Opera Mini & Mod
1.Download the appropriate version of “Opera Mini” or
“Opera Mod” ( Not Opera Mobile )
2. Install the application and Allow the necessary
settings & Accept the EULA ( End-User-License-
Agreement )
3. In the Browser’s “Write Address” section , write
4. You will then find a page !! Go to the “Last-Option” of
that page . There you will find a Menu like this
*Large placeholders for images. (Default:Yes) make it
*Fit text to screen (Default:Yes)
*Loading Timeout (default:30) make it 3600
*Site pitches and user-agent masking (default Yes)
make it No
*Keep styling in RSS feeds (default:No)
*Show feedindex (default:Yes) make it No
*Fold linklists (default:Yes) make it No
*Phonenumber detection (default: Yes)
*Minimum phone number length (Default:7) make it 9
*Use bitmap fonts for complex s (Default=No)
Just follow our above instructions & see what happen.
Thats all now restart your Opera mini/Mod & browse
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