Lyrics: Ice Prince – Owonikoko ft. Olamide & Mr Jollof

Zamani, Baddoo! Jollof! take am
Owonikoko, owonikoko, take am!
[Verse 1 – Ice Prince]
Money come, money go
Chikala come, chikala go oh oh
Money come, money go; Money go, money come
Money spending
She want ti biggy man, she like biggy Alhaji
But she no know say, I be small and mighty
Tell her to remember say, tell her to remember say
Hustle dey pay, pay, pay; Hustle dey pay, pay, pay
Owonikoko, Owonikoko
Malo, malo mu Zobo (robo)
Owonikoko, Owonikoko
Ma lo sun l’ori obo (bobo)
[Mr Jollof – Verse 2]
As I enter the beat, I dey give them the lamba (lamba eeh)
And my nigga for street, when them see me, them answer
(Them dey answer eeh eh)
Even Mathaias done dey tire for your matter
The way you carry your tyre, baby girl I no go lie
Everybody done dey know say your Boy friend
Na wire wire yee!
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She what a biggy man
She what a biggy Versace
Show what a holiday, in Dubai and Paris
Tell her to remember say, tell her to remember say
Hustle go pay, pay, pay; My hustle go pay, pay, pay
[Verse 3 – Olamide]
She say I no get work, I be wire, wire
Say I no dey sing song, I be liar, liar
But I still dey hot like fire like ti-maya, maya
Crucify me; I can’t stop going higher, higher
Higher, higher, higher like omayan, mayan
M.I Abaga Mr incredible na fire fire
I no she loves me, as it is like maya maya
Rap the mic, sing song like she dey for choir; higher
Increase the volume baby no retire
Make you roll down bottom like I tire, tire
Omo guys love their parican papaya
Aya huge, kileleyi? jaya, jaya
Yebo Owonikoko Owonikoko ooh
Malo malo mu Zobo (robo)
Owonikoko, Owonikoko
Malo sun lori obo (robo)
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