Latest Mtn Cheat code 2018

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MTN MB cheat is currently blazing, tested and confirmed. It’s
very easy to activate, and it doesn’t require any money, or
VPN before it can work.

This is the latest MTN free MB cheat code. The downside of
this cheat is that, it doesn’t work on all MTN sim cards. Try
your luck now and see if it will work for you.

The MB can be accumulated on dialing the code repeatedly.
It works on any device that can access the internet, even
works on PC.

How To Get Free 100MB And Above On MTN Network
Make sure you have 0.00kobo on your account balance or any
amount less than 100naira.

Then dial *113# – Dial it up to 30times to get more data.

Then you will receive an on-screen message saying

“Activation of your daily 100MB was
Screenshot_2017-02-20-18-21-49 Technology Uncategorized  Latest Mtn Cheat code 2018
So you have successfully activated the 100MB and dial
*559*2# to check your data balance and it is valid for 7days
(a week).

If you are not eligible, you will get a response telling you that
you have insufficient balance.
To avoid Auto-renewals of data when you recharge your line,
kindly SMS NO113 to 131.

That’s all friends.

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